As part of RooneyMovies, a group of young German filmmakers, I can present a few short movies made by RooneysMovies on this page.

Let Me Tell You A Lie

The story of a bounty hunter searching for a woman with $36.000 on her head. A RooneyMovie. 2011, 24 minutes, 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen.

Story by:

Philipp Heußer, Philipp Brachwitz

Thorben Mauer, Daniel Ohm

Gregor Weigelt

Screenplay by:

Thorben Mauer

Lukas Rooney


Thorben Mauer as Micheal Fisher

Christian Hofmann as Henninger

Christina Stroh as Diana Fisher

Wolf Jungnickel as Duster

Michèle Janata as Esmeralda

Niklas Neugebauer as Homer

Philipp Heußer as Crazy P. Merchant

Philipp Brachwitz as Hunter

Lukas Rooney as Narrator

Selim Basaran as Turk

Misel Zivkovic as Axe Man

Vincent Simons as Cheater

Gregor Weigelt as Big Greg


Philipp Heußer, Jakko Kacsóh

Eric Neugebauer, Niklas Neugebauer

Daniel Ohm, Theresa Schmitt

Hagen Söngen


Philipp Brachwitz


Hagen Söngen

Assistent Camera:

Daniel Ohm

Theresa Schmitt

Production assistants:

Philipp Heußer

Daniel Mayer

Music composed, arranged & recorded by:

Hagen Söngen

Solo Violin:

Anna Teumer

Editor, Cinematographer & Director:

Lukas Rooney

Special thanks to:

Weingut Hattenheimer Berg,

the Neugebauers, the Schmitts,

the Mayers,

for their support and locations